Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Bonfire night is one of my favourite times of the year, I remember learning about it in school and I found it so interesting, which just made it seem even more exciting, even if it is a little creepy. It all started over 400 years ago when Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament with a team of 13 others to kill King James I and his government so he could be replaced with a Catholic ruler, but his plan failed miserably and he was tortured until he gave up the names of his counterparts, and then sentenced to be hung.


There are now quite a few traditions that we follow each year to celebrate the King’s survival, the main tradition is to light a bonfire and burn a dummy representing Guy Fawkes. But that is not all, ‘penny for the guy‘ will be outside to local shop for a week, fireworks and sparklers are a everywhere and apple bobbing needs to be played.

Bonfire night isn’t just celebrating the king’s survival for me, because it’s also my anniversary, and each year we do something special. So, I’ve been hunting around for some inspiration to make it a even more special and I thought I’d share some idea’s with you for the perfect Bonfire Night Party.

Sweet Treats.jpg

The first thing I went searching for was food idea’s, of course, the usual tradition is a BBQ, with hotdogs, burgers and jacket potatoes, but I needed some sweet treat inspiration.
The first thing I notice was these amazing bonfire cupcakes which is simply cupcakes, flakes and icing! Then I saw a cake and these cute marshmallow sparklers which are just perfect for a bonfire. Toffee apples are also part of the tradition, and I spotted quite a few different ideas – Traditional Toffee ApplesNutty Cinnamon (waitrose recipe) and Chocolate Caramel.


I then had a look for general Bonfire Night inspiration and I found some amazing pictures that are just perfect, I’ve now got a few ideas up my sleeve. I’ve chose the ones that are pretty simple and easy to do at home with no fuss since it is the 5th of November tomorrow!

Have you got any plans for Bonfire Night this year?

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  1. 11/04/2016 / 6:00 pm

    Isn’t the movie V for Vendetta in regards to that time in history? Also, all in favor for the caramel apples yum!

    xo, JJ

    • 11/04/2016 / 6:06 pm

      Yeah I think so. Haha yeah I’m so excited for tomorrow now! Xx

  2. 11/04/2016 / 6:05 pm

    I really enjoyed your post! Super cute ideas too! I hope you will have a Bonfire Night to Remember!!! Xoxoxo

  3. LuxeStyle
    11/06/2016 / 5:07 pm

    I seemed to completely forget about Bonfire Night this year – as soon as Halloween was over everyone seems to think it’s Christmas!

    • 11/06/2016 / 7:09 pm

      I know!! It’s crazy isn’t it, Christmas adverts on the tele already! Xx

  4. 11/06/2016 / 9:27 pm

    Woah! This is pretty cool! Didn’t know there was such a significance to November 5th.

    • 11/06/2016 / 9:32 pm

      Haha it’s not as big as it used to be, glad you found it interesting haha! Xxx

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