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A few weeks ago I decided to spoil myself with the Sanctuary Spa, Cleanse and Let Go gift set which includes the Moisture Burst Facial Wash, Cleansing Brush and Headband. I’m so lazy when it comes to my skin care routine. Sometimes, when I’m really in the mood, I’ll keep it up for about a week, then I start to slack again. I’ll take anything that might make it a bit easier for me, because, let’s all admit it, sometimes we just cba.


I’ve wanted a cleansing brush for so long but I never knew which I should go for, when I saw this, I thought just go for it and I’m pretty glad I did. I love the fact that what you’re going to need all comes in a box, which makes it so much easier. I now just keep everything I need in this box at the side of my sink so I can grab it all easily each night and get on with it without messing about.


When I realised that it was the Moisture Burst Facial Wash that came with this set, I was even more excited to try it. This cleanser has been on my wish list for a little while now because I just adore Sanctuary Spa, everything I have ever tried has been amazing.
The first time I tried it, the scent stuck out to me this most, I think it’s quite rose like, but I don’t think I like it much, I feel like something else that I have tried before smells like this but I’m not too sure. It definitely smells like a spa, but I don’t know, just not my thing I guess. That has not changed my opinion on the actual product at all though because I love it. I started off my routine straight away with the cleanser, I wet my face, added a bit of the cleanser to the brush and got to work. My makeup came off within seconds and my face felt amazing. With the mix of the scent and the way it worked on my skin, I definitely felt like I’d just been to a spa. Of course I avoided my eyes and cleansed them as I usually do. Overall, to cleanse my face properly, remove all the makeup and get right into my pores, it took me about 5 minutes. I even cleaned the brush head too.


I suffer with really sensitive skin, there’s only a handful of products that I know I can use without feeling any sensitivity. So I had the feeling that this brush was probably going to be a bit too much for my skin. Turns out, that’s not the case. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with really sensitive skin, it probably would be impossible to use. Knowing where my skin is sensitive, around my chin and cheeks, I was able to be a bit more careful, but still cleanse at the same time. It felt lovely and soft but a bit harsh here and there too. I could definitely feel it was cleaning my skin, but stung a little along my jaw. After a couple of uses though, this seemed to wear off. My skin was a bit red after cleansing, which is always the case anyway, it didn’t sting or feel uncomfortable. It felt clean and soft.


I’ve been using it now for a little over a month, every 2 – 3 days to make sure I don’t irritate my skin to much and I can honestly say it’s made such a difference to my skin and to my cleansing routine. The days when I use this, it’s so much easier and so much quicker. My skin also seems so much better, I’m not sure if it’s because the life stress has died down a bit so I’m not having those horrible breakouts or because of this amazing little machine. I definitely know my skin feels cleaner and softer because of it though, and I’ll definitely be sticking to this from now on.


Have you tried the Sanctuary Spa Cleanse & Let Go Set?

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  1. 01/06/2017 / 6:51 pm

    Ive always wanted to try a cleansing brush, but Im always nervous too because I too have sensitive skin. however my mom has been using one for years, for as long as I can even remember and loves it and hasnt used anything else. I feel like I want to give it a go. I also heard there some with different settings so for instance where you know you have sensitivity you can put it on a lower setting so it wont be as harsh. Does yours have settings?

    xo, JJ

    • 01/07/2017 / 9:57 am

      You should, I felt the exact same because my skin can be so fussy sometimes it’s unbelievable haha! This one is half price in boots at the moment if they’ve got any left if you want to give it a try. No there’s no other settings on this one, unless I’ve completely missed it haha! But tbh, I don’t feel like it needs to be lower, especially now my skin has gotten used to it, it’s probably toughened it up haha. It’s really good, especially the cleanser!

  2. 01/06/2017 / 7:51 pm

    That sounds amazing!!

  3. 01/06/2017 / 10:01 pm

    This looks like a great set! Have you tried any of the other brush cleanser systems before, like Clarisonic, Revlon, or Foreo? If you have, how does this compare to that?

    • 01/07/2017 / 9:59 am

      It is, especially for the price, I didn’t expect it to work as well as I’ve heard others work. & no this was my first one, I didn’t want to get a really pricey one in case it was too much for my skin. I’ve read about them though, and the way this works, I think it sounds just as good tbh.

  4. 01/09/2017 / 1:10 pm

    I might try this one, I want one that is a little more gentle!

    Great post x


    • 01/09/2017 / 6:08 pm

      Yeah it definitely doesn’t feel too rough or I wouldn’t be able to use it & thank you xx

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