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L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation & Mattifying Base Review

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  • xoJenny says:

    I always find that when I’m using make up with that like squeeze bottle texture, idk what I’d call it “creamy”? Applying with a sponge always worked better than a brush for me too. It just blends it so nicely into my skin. I’ve also heard that primer is definitely critical before applying any sort of foundation just because it sets better- I hate that though, I just feel like primer is just more makeup on my face that I don’t really want to apply… you’d think by now some foundations would’ve found a formula so that you could skip the primer step lol great review girlie!

    xo, JJ

    • Jessica Jade says:

      Yes that’s definitely true, very creamy! & yes, it’s definitely the best way to apply it.
      Primer definitely helps it look better and it’s just like applying moisturiser before your foundation so it’s not too bad, obviously would be better if you didn’t have to though haha! Thank you! xxx

  • Chantel says:

    Thanks for the detailed review. I haven’t tried this foundation.

  • Linda says:

    I didn’t know there was a primer with this foundation! O_O Currently, my skin isn’t as oily as it is in the summer time, so the foundation did last quite some time (~16 hrs). But I did use it with powder and also blotted once or twice. I really enjoyed reading!

    • Jessica Jade says:

      It’s been advertised with it quite a lot & L’Oréal say they work their best together too. I don’t think Iv ever found a foundation that doesn’t need a top up tbh, but that’s probably due to my oily skin xxx

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