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A little while back PuppySpot got in touch to see if I’d like to join them on their new project and straight away I was excited to see what this included. Puppy Spot are simply dedicated to the safety and wellness of all pups searching for their forever home but they also know how important it is to find a dog to suites you and your lifestyle too for the benefit of both you and your dog. As most of you know, my love for animals is unreal, and I love to share that here on jessicajadebeauty from time to time. When Puppyspot got in touch, to see if I wanted to be part of her new project, I just couldn’t say no. My love for animals runs a lot deeper than just cuteness, I want to make a difference in anyway that I can and I believe what they are doing, can make a difference as long as everyone knows about it, so that’s why I’m here, sharing something we all need to know.

I’ve actually never bought a puppy before, ones always ended landing in my lap some how. Without rambling on too much I’ll try and explain. When I was born my mum already had 2 dogs and when we lost one of them my mum got another from a close friend, then my sister brought one home and then so did my brother. A little while later we ended up with 9 pups and my mum let us keep 2. Now, my brother and sister have moved out and taken their dogs with them so we currently have 2 dogs at home, my beautiful babies, Tia and Bella.  However I do plan to get another pup when we move out but getting a new dog can be quite a big decision, especially for me when I’ve never ‘chosen’ a dog before. I have thought about it loads though, what breed I’d want, whether I want a puppy or a rescue, girl or boy. They’re all big decisions and we need to take them seriously. So to get to the whole point of this post – Puppy Spot wants just what I want. They want owners to be responsible and think about what they’re doing before they do it.

I’ve got a great example actually. A friend of mine, who’s had dogs before, moved out of her parents recently and wanted a dog for company, she’s always had little dogs before and didn’t really think it would make any difference to what size they were. She decided to rescue a Bull Dog cross, but a couple of days later ended up taking him back to the rescue because he was too big for her. He was young and boyish, he barked a lot and she felt quite intimidated. Of course she didn’t want to give up on him but this just goes to show that you need to know what dog will suit you and your lifestyle before you even think about taking one home. It was cruel for that dog to finally find a home, then be taking back to his sad kennel just a few days later, and that really does break my heart and that’s why this post, flowchart and the whole of Puppy Spot are so important.

Puppy Spot have put together a flow chart to help you determine what dogs you’re suited to, there’s not every breed on there ofc, I mean there’s hundreds of breeds out there so that would be quite hard, but you can get the gist from just answering a few questions. My results were perfect for the dogs that I currently have. I got number 1, which is loyal companion (in other words a lazy dog, which mine both are) I sent this flowchart to a couple of friends and family and it was so interesting to see the results everyone got, especially those planning on getting a dog soon. Now, I want you to have a go at this flow chat (above) check your results (below) and share it as much as you can so that everyone out there will be able to see this and avoid the situation my friend was in.

Let’s all work together to make this work, to make people realise and let’s help everyone we can! You can download your own version of this flow chart here to share with your family or even create your own post, it would mean so much to me and everyone at Puppy Spot. If you’re as passionate as me about this, make sure to take a look at Puppy Spot and learn more about what they do, and take a look at all the adorableness on their puppies for sale page.

What results did you get?

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