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Moving From To // My Struggle Part 2

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  • Oh my goodness Jessica, I am crying inside for you now… THAT IS AWEFUL!!! It’s so true though, bluehost isn’t really helping me that much either… The people at wordpress told me to read some articles so I am going to read those to hopefully fix my own problems haha. I don’t think that I was prepared for going self-hosted – it is WAY HARDER than haha. But we will figure it out!!!!! (Plus, btw – your site looks awesome. You are actually the one who inspired me to go self-hoseted bc your site looks so good) ily 💕☺️

    • Jessica Jade says:

      Isn’t it 😭 was so stressful! Yes they are very useless! So glad I had to help or I wouldn’t have gotten through haha! Yes! Read as much as you can! I have a post coming on Wednesday with loads of helpful posts too! You’ll have to write about it when your done! It’s so much harder! Thank you so much, can’t tell you how much that means to me! Ily too 😘 Xxxxx

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks for posting this. There was a lot more to self hosting than I had thought! Now I’m a bit nervous lol since I do use WordPress myself. I’m sorry you had such a hard time with this. 😕

    • Jessica Jade says:

      I hope it helps a bit there’s definitely quite a lot to it haha but I think I just got quite a lot of bad luck and didn’t do enough research it should go fine! Xxx

  • Linda says:

    Wow. I just read both part 1 and 2 and it sounds like you had so much trouble becoming self hosted. I was cringing everytime you said there was yet another problem to deal with. Luckily when I made the switch over, it wasn’t that hard at all, but I’m sure this post will definitely be helpful for those who do want to switch to self-hosting. Hopefully nothing else will pop up and your blogging experience will be smooth sailing for a while!

    • Jessica Jade says:

      I know! I had so much bad luck didn’t I! I am so jealous haha! I learnt everything I thought I needed to so I thought it might have been really easy but I obviously missed quite a few things, so stressful! Yeah I really hope it just, even if it just makes them do a little bit more research before making the switch. Thank you, I really hope so haha xxx

  • Okoto Enigma says:

    Mine is just as frustrating and I’m tired. Site ground hasn’t transferred any of my post, page, and comment. I’ve contacted them twice already but as it turns out, I have to wait for response from their specialist. I also felt like giving up; then jetpack went crazy and I so fed up. Luckily I got it fixed; now I have to wait and see if they’ll transfer my content or if I should do it myself. This self hosting stuff is so hard and complicated. I wish someone had warned me too

  • Jackie says:

    This is so heartbreaking and so frustrating. I think you’re site looks great and was worth all your hard work. I hope you like it xx

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