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A little while ago I saw that Jenny from Breakfast at Lilly’s was doing something called the 101 in 1001, where you set yourself 101 things to do in 1001 days, obviously I had to give it a go myself. I did a bit of googling and saw that quite a lot of people are actually doing this so I can’t wait to join in! I’ve been planning this post for a little while, I wanted to make sure that everything I put on the list was realistic so that I’ll definitely be able to get some things ticked off. I am so excited to start now!

Begins : 1st April 2017
Ends : 28th December 2019

Strike through: completed Italics: in progress Underlined: date completed 

1) Finish 2 of my big projects (1. Etsy Shop. )
2) Eat out at 5 new restaurants (1. Brentwood 08/04/17 2. Marquis 12/05/17)
3) Read 100 books (Here’s where I’m listing them)
4) Visit a Museum
5) Go on the Harry Potter studio tour
6) Learn more about the technical side of blogging
7) Open my online shop – Done 30/08/17  Jessica Jade Designs 
8) Buy my mum a personalised jigsaw
9) Visit at least 2 zoos (1. Chester Zoo 16/05/2017 2. Blackpool Zoo 17/07/2017)
10) Meet my blogging goal and host another giveaway
11) Volunteer at 4 new rescues
12) Catch up on my scrapbook
13) Train my dog 5 more tricks
14) Finish 4 TV series’ (1. 13 Reasons Why 15/04/17 2. Grimm 12/06/17 )
15) Watch at least 30 new films
1/2/3/4. Flowers In The Attic Series  5. Sing 6. John Wick 2 7. King Kong, Skull Island 8. A Dogs Purpose (this was amazing) 9. Split 10. Monster Trucks 11. Boss Baby 12. Beauty And The Beast 13. Alien 14. The Fate Of The Furious 15. Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales 16.
16) Teach my budgies to talk (this one is going to be impossible..)
17) Visit 3 new places ( Matlock Bath 18/04/17)
18) Unplug for 24 hours Done: 24/06/17
19) Get two rabbits.
20) Go on a picnic
21) Finish the 2 cross stitches I’ve started
22) Redesign my blog
23) Save at least £50 a month
24) Finish 2 of the Virginia Andrews Series’ (Petals in the wind Done: 5/04/17)
25) Not order a takeaway for a month
26) Keep up a workout routine for a month (I am rubbish at this.)
27) Extend my studies of dog behaviour
28) Play mini golf
29) Have a weekend away at the seaside
30) Take my dogs to the beach
31) Go strawberry picking
32) Have a huge Spring clean Started 1st April 17 Finsished 28th April
33) Organise all my paper work Done: 3/04/17
34) Go without sugary food for 2 week
35) Try 5 Pinterest DIYS
36) Learn more about blog design
37) Work on my Facebook page, a lot & reach at least 250 likes
38) Stick to a spending ban for at least 1 month Done: April 2017
39) Have a clear out of my makeup
40) Reorganise my ‘spare’ bedroom  Done April 2017
41) Take a long road trip
42) Have my hair cut every six weeks
43) Get a facial
44) Give 5 surprise gifts
45) Get my mum to teach me how to use her sewing machine
46) Walk with wolves (yep, still haven’t done that yet) 
47) Clear out my nail polish drawers Done: 23rd April 
48) Do a facemask once a week
49) Keep up with my monthly todo list posts
1. April 2017 2. May 2017 3. June 2017 4. July 2017 5. August 2017 6. September 2017 7. October 2017 8. November 2017 9. December 2017
50) Get professional photos taken of my dogs or at least do some myself.
51) Visit the seaside 5 times (1. Cleethorpes Beach 18th May 2017)  (2. Ingoldmels Beach  25th July 2017)
52) Bake 3 new recipes and share them on Jessica Jade
53) Have a manicure
54) Learn to knit
55) Visit a farm
56) Take all my nephews to the park
57) Make a snowman (if it snows enough)
58) Do the Memory Walk every year (2017)
59) Bake a 3 tiered cake
60) Try out 3 new healthy drinks
61) Don’t drink fizzy pop for a month
62) Buy a bookshelf  Done: 1/04/17
63) Create my personalised planner
64) Sign up at my local library
65) Start a new tradition
66) Take everyone out for a dinner
67) Get a new tattoo
68) Write a letter for myself in 10 years
69) Have a log cabin weekend away
70) Do 5 jigsaws
71) Make homemade pizza
72) Grow my hair at least 2 inch
73) Create my own cross stitch
74) Save all my 50p’s each month
75) Make my own birthday cards for everyone for the year
76) Buy 5 things off my wishlist
77) Make a pie from scratch
78) Learn to crochet
79) Do a random giveaway
80) Randomly buy a loved one something they really want
81) Make fresh lemonade
82) Make fresh orange juice
83) Create a proper address book
84) Explore a cave / Blue John Mines
85) Write my family tree
86) Visit Monkey World
87) Get an organ donor card
88) Do as many good deeds as I can
89) Plant a tree
90) Write all my Grandmas recipes in my recipe book
91) Eat really healthy for at least 2 weeks
92) Sea the wild seals at the seaside
93) Fly a kite
94) Bake a rainbow layer cake and surprise my partner with it
95) Make a book of pressed flowers
96) Do Blogmas
97) Redecorate my room
98) Join an online book club
99) Write posts about as many of these as I can.
100) Inspire someone else to create there own list.  Jackie, my gorgeous friend from Makeup & Beyond has done her own too! Read it here!
101) Create another 101 in 1001 when this one ends.

Have you got a list? Let me know I’d love to see it & I’ll include it below too!

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  1. 04/01/2017 / 7:28 am

    This is such a cool idea! I haven’t ever seen it before! I think I may have to do one for myself too 🙂
    I love that you picked some big challenges just mingled in with things that are fun and easy to do, like a facial. Good luck with the wolves!!

    • 04/02/2017 / 7:30 am

      Yes do it! & make sure to let me know if you do! Haha thank you!!! Xx

  2. 04/01/2017 / 10:59 am

    This sounds such a good idea. Think I’m gonna give it a go…if I can’t think of 101 things. Another great post Hun xxx

    • 04/02/2017 / 7:31 am

      Yes do it! It was hard but you might be able to do it really quickly haha! Thank you Jackie! ❤

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