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I’ve become a little obsessed with creating these wishlists, I have so many planned and can’t wait to share them all, for today though I’m sharing my dream bedroom wishlist. I’m quite a minimal person, but if you look at my bedroom now, you would not believe that and that’s because I am obsessed with vintage. Have you seen those vintage shops that are basically filled floor to ceiling with nic nacs? That’s a bit like my room, not as bad though I promise. I even have some of my grandmas things from years ago and a brush set from the 1920’s. I adore it, so that inspired this very vintage like bedroom wishlist.

Wardrobes have always been a problem for me, I need a huge wardrobe to manage all the clothes I own but I have never been able to find the perfect one, that is until I came across this stunning Juliette Triple Wardrobe, which is literally my dream wardrobe, other than a walk in wardrobe of course. It’s a bit expensive tbh but all wardrobes are anyway and it’s definitely worth it, it’s absolutely huge! I’d love to have this wardrobe.

I also came across this Juliette Bedside Table which is quite like the one I have now, and this tall Juliette Chest Of Drawers. I actually hate drawers, I always forget what’s in there and nothing ever gets worn, but I really like these tall ones for socks and what not’s, I don’t actually own any other type. I’d probably have the matching dressing table too but of course, I’d love my own beauty room and there’s a full wishlist all about that here.

Of course the vintage theme it still there when it comes to bedding, although I’m not usually one for over the top in your face bedding, I love this Vintage Pin Up Set from Asda. Asda always have the best bedding sets for such a good price too so of course I had a look through and found this beautiful less in your face Pink Lace Set.

For all the little nic nacs, I went on a mission, I thought about the things that I’m actually missing in my room already and found some gorgeous little bits and bobs.
Floral Print Vase | Peonies In Vase | Rose Hurricane Vase | Peony Table Lamp | Bird Jewellery Stand | Retro Cushion | Patchwork Rug | Rose Clock

What’s on your bedroom wishlist?

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  1. 05/01/2017 / 6:05 pm

    Loving the vintage look you’re going for 😍 xx

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