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May To-Do List

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  • LLindaxxo says:

    WOW so organized! One of my new years resolution was to be more organized and plan my posts better, but that didn’t happen, lol. Your organization is definitely inspiring me though! After exams, I am definitely going to pick up my blogging game!

    • Jessica Jade says:

      Haha I did rubbish at last months goals though 😂 but tbh i am overly organised 😂 did you see my blog planning that works posts? That could be helpful, I find it so motivating planning like that xxxx

  • Mayuri says:

    Reading 3 books in a month is ambitious to me 😊 This is my husband’s birthday month too so I am quite excited. Great post!

    • Jessica Jade says:

      Normally one is for me too but since Iv set myself the challenge and Iv had so many good books to read it’s been a lot easier haha I get obsessed 😂 oh exciting! Hope you both have a great time! Thank you xxx

  • Jackie says:

    You’ve done loads this month, you should be proud!! 😍😍 xx

  • Ella says:

    I really love these posts of yours! I have been to Chester Zoo (years ago now) and I absolutely loved it! I xxxx

  • adrfitdaisy says:

    I’m slowly working on being a lot more organised when it comes to my blog, planning posts in advance and scheduling my tweets but sometimes my time just can’t be split as much with my blog and work life.

  • Nena Stylez says:

    You are one busy women yet keep everything pulled together. I don’t have time for much, but this definitely makes me want to catch up on getting my blog and reafing together. I needed some inspo and I found it. Great read. I have to hand it to you!

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