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April was a pretty good month for reading, I managed to find the time to read 5 books! Looking back I honestly have no idea how because it was such a busy month but I’ve got to admit, when I’m reading a good book I don’t put it down, it comes everywhere with me and every spare second I have I stick my nose in it, plus I read every night before bed. Oh, and snookers been on, which means I haven’t had much control over the TV so instead my books been in my hand so I suppose I did spend quite a lot of time reading. Since I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 100 books for my 101 in 1001 I’m kind of more motivated to read too and I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve been reading here if you want to keep up with me too. Since I have been reading so much, and really enjoying the books I’ve been reading I’ve decided to start sharing them each month. For April, I’ve got 5 amazing books to share with you.

Saturday Requiem // ★★★★
I completely judged this book by it’s cover, and once I found out what it was about, I had to have it. Saturday Requiem is number six in the Frieda Klein series, which I realised once I’d started reading it, but luckily it didn’t give too much away about the other 5 books so I’ve added them to my ‘birthday list’ and cannot wait to get reading them too. This book centres around a girl that has been ‘incarcerated in a secure hospital’ for killing her family, Frieda takes on the case to unravel the truth.
I was amazed at how well written it was, it felt real rather than far fetched and it was based on facts and you could really tell which made me love it even more. It’s completely gripping although a little predictable but I was never sure what was going to happen which made it even more gripping and I couldn’t put it down until I found out the truth, now I cannot wait to read the rest.

Arthur // ★★★★
Another book that I couldn’t stop myself from buying. If I see a book with a dog on the front I’m just drawn to it, I can’t help myself and even more so when it’s a story of a dog being rescued and even changing someone’s life. Arthur is a beautifully written, heart warming true story about how Arthur came into Mikael’s life.
Mikael, who told his amazing story is the captain of an adventure racing team spending most of his time planning and going on adventure races, until he meets Arthur while hes out in the mountains and jungles of South America and the real adventure begins. The beginning dragged a bit for me, but once it started to pick up pace I could not put it down. My favourite thing about this book is how much he’s changed that  dogs life and hopefully made a difference to many other ‘street dogs’ (I hate calling them that) that really need it and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Before I Let You In // ★★★★★
This book is definitely a 5 star for me, I’ve raved about it enough. Jenny Blackhurst is an incredible writer and the suspense is real. A little confusing, it’s meant to be that way I guess and it made the ending better, a massive shock but so much better, I wouldn’t have predicted it in a million years, I thought it was going to just go with the flow but nope, not at all and I loved it. This is Jenny Blackhurst’s second book, which I read first, doesn’t make a difference though because they aren’t connected, and I’d ordered her other before I’d even finished this. This story is based on 3 best friends, Karen, Eleanor and Bea. Karen believes she’s the ‘fixer’ that her friends need her, and that’s just how she likes it and and without giving too much away, suddenly their lives change and Karen feels she needs to protect her friends but she’s not sure how and that’s where it gets complicated. One of the best thrillers I’ve read for a while and I need you all to read it.

Lessons From Tara //★★
After having this book for months, I finally picked it up. In a way I wish I didn’t, but not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because it was a little bit too sad sometimes, and having dogs myself, the realisation hit me a bit too hard. That was completely taken over by laughter though, I just couldn’t stop laughing. That’s not the only reason this books been given 4 stars though, the main reason is because of David Rosenfelt, the author. He is a hero, seriously and so inspiring, very tolerant too, I don’t know how I’d feel about being woken up every morning to a dog bark right in my ear but he does it, because he loves his dogs and I admire him for it. Lessons From Tara is exactly what is says on the tin, David has shared all the lessons he’s learnt from Tara, his first dog, and all other’s he’s rescued throughout his life, like I said, some are sad, but there’s hundreds more that are hilarious and if you’re a dog lover, there’s nothing better to read.

How I Lost You // 
I finally got it! Before I’d even finished ‘Before I Let You In’ I’d ordered this but it didn’t turn up in time and I was literally waiting by my letter box for it every day. This is another story where someone gets locked up from something they didn’t do, but Susan, the main character, isn’t that sure that she didn’t do it and she doesn’t know what to do. When she’s released she receives something quite suspicious in the post and makes it her mission to find out what really happened the night she was accused of killing her son. Another amazing book by Jenny Blackhurst that I could not put down, a little over dramatic, but that just made it better in my opinion. If you haven’t read either of Jenny Blackhurst books, you need too, now.

What did you read in April? I’d love some more recommendations!

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