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New Look Matte Lipstick Rose Quartz

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  • Azra says:

    The packing is so lovely, this shade won’t really work for me though, it’s really pale. But with darker lip liner I think I could wear it. xx

    • Jessica Jade says:

      It’s so lovely isn’t it! It’s a hard colour to work with isn’t it haha but I’m all for light lips & it looks really nice with a darker share underneath too! They also have quite a few other colours in the range, I can’t wait to get my hands on some more now! xxxx

  • Love the pic! I haven’t seen this brand before. Could it be possible that it’s available only in the UK? I really like the name New Look. The packaging is so cute.

  • ELLA GARRETT says:

    Oh my gosh the packaging is just beautiful! I love how excited you are about this lipstick, really comes across in your writing. The colour isn’t my type of thing but I’m going to nip in my New Look next week and see what they have because they sound great! xxxx

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