Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder

If you saw my May Favourites, you’ll know that I can no longer get my hands on my beloved Revolution eyeshadow that I relied on for my brows, so I needed something else, something very similar to what I’ve always used. My mum, being the amazing women that she is, found out before me when she went to pick it me up, so she’d asked the lady what was the closest colour to it and my mum came home with the Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder in the shade Dark Brown. I could tell straight away that the darker shade of the two was spot on and I couldn’t wait to see if I’d love it just as much as I did my trusty powder.

The powder comes in an average black box with all the need to know details on the back and the compact itself is matte black so it looks simple and sleek. I find matte packaging a bit of a pain though because they seem to get marks all over them so easily and always look a bit grubby. It’s pretty small, with a tiny mirror tucked away inside which means I’d be able to sort out my brows anywhere, well, as long as I’m carrying a brush, but I don’t think the size matters too much since brow powders usually last quite a while.

The powder is very creamy, it’s hardly like a powder at all and there’s no fall out when your applying, it all sticks in the brush and applies straight in to the brows really easily. The two shades make it easier to blend through the brows too, using the lighter shade anywhere you feel just need a little bit more colour and then the darker shade where hairs are more sparse leaving your brows looking natural and flawless.

The staying power is extraordinary, it doesn’t budge from my brows until I use a makeup remover to take it off, it would probably last days if I let it. I’ve worse it for around 16 hours at most, and it’s not faded, not smudged, not even moved at all. It’s definitely the best thing about the product.

I’ve been using this now for just over a month, and I can’t see myself using anything else now. I’m fussy when it comes to my brows and I like to do them the way I’ve always done so I’m glad I’ve got another product that replaces my now discontinued eyeshadow so easily and so perfectly for such a cheap price. I absolutely love it.

Have you tried the Freedom Brow Duo? What do you use everyday?

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