L’Oreal True Match Powder

The L’Oreal True Match range is definitely my favourite range from the drugstore, I’ve never tried so many amazing products, but I realised the other week, one thing from this small range that I’ve never tried is their powder. I have a bit of a thing for powder, so I was very shocked at myself when I realised this. Guess what happened next? I bought it of course.

The packaging is the same as their True Match Highlighter if you’ve used that before. A smallish square compact with 2 compartments, one holding the powder and the other holding a soft powder puff type sponge. I use these all the time actually, I find them perfect to powder under the eyes and around the nose so I was happy to find that they included one in this packaging. It’s silver and simple with a reflective case.

The powder itself is very hard to explain, it’s very, very powdery in the pan, but once it’s applied, it looks almost creamy, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing powder, but you can feel it. It’s really light weight, you only need to dab your brush slightly to get enough, if you swipe it along it literally throws powder everywhere so be careful of that, and it spreads all over the face without you having to return to the pan countless times.¬†The colours available are a bit disappointing compared to their foundation really, I can’t find that many shades so I guess there isn’t that many and you’d think that they’d bring a colour out for each foundation shade, but luckily the colour that I use, Rose Ivory, is perfect for me, it matches my foundation, which matches my skin tone perfectly.

It’s long lasting and really helps to keep oil at bay, especially around the nose area. It feels soft and beautiful all day long without needing much of a top up at all, but if you suffer with really oily skin, you might need to around the nose, but other than that, it works wonders. I’ve wore it for around 14/16 hours at most, by the 11 hour, it has definitely started to wear away, but only in my t-zone, which says a lot for this product, especially when it’s holding foundation and concealer in place. I didn’t expect it last the full day though, I never really do actually, but that all depends on your skin too I suppose.

The coverage is also incredible, which I did expect since the foundation has such high coverage, but I just can’t see how, it feels like you hardly apply any powder but it covers everything and doesn’t even look cakey at all. So I’ve found yet another powder that I’ve fell for and will continue to repurchase. I can’t complain about it at all, it’s sooo good.

Have you tried the L’Oreal True Match Powder?

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    • 06/30/2017 / 9:18 am

      Yeah it’s really good! Feels a lot lighted than the stay Matte xxxx

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