5 Favourite Nail Polish Picks For Summer


I have a massive addiction to nail polish, my collection is absolutely huge, what actually makes these posts extremely hard, but I love to share my favourites. During the colder months, I do stick to the same polishes week in week out but as sun as the sun makes an appearance, all my beautiful colours just have to come out, which you probably noticed in my Spring Pastel Polish Picks, but Summer is here now! & even though I’ll still be addicted to my pastels, the bright colours are taking over. I have 5 favourites that I reach for the most every single year that I’m going to share with you.

Barry M Quick Dry – Kiss Me Quick //
This is by far my favourite pink right now, and I own a load of pinks. The main reason I love it so much, especially for summer is how simple it is, how petal like the colour is. It’s kind of blushed when applied because it does go a little shade darker than what it looks in the bottle but that all depends on how many layers you apply. It does dry quite really quickly too which makes it one of the best to apply, it just doesn’t seem to last as long though which is a shame since it’s such a pretty colour, but since it dries so quickly, it’s quite easy to just top it up when you want.

Avon Nail Wear Pro+ – Coral Reef //
This colour has been a favourite of mine for around 4 years, I can’t actually believe it’s still usable, I remember when I first got it, it was never off my nails. It’s a gorgeous coral shade, quite dark but it glows, it looks stunning on tanned skin and perfect for summer too. It’s from Avon nailwear pro+ range, which takes a little longer than most to dry but if it’s applied thinly it’s fine and since it’s such a vibrant colour, you only need one or two coats anyway. It lasts quite a while too, hardly any chips after 5 days with only a thin layer of top coat.

Barry M Gelly – Blueberry //
I was sat contemplating including this colour for ages, I have so many blues that I adore, but when I tried it out a couple of weeks ago I decided that it was definitely my favourite. Most of the blues I own are your simple everyday blue, but this one is so much prettier and blues are just perfect for Summer. It’s a sky blue shade with the tiniest hint of purple which makes it different from any other blue. It’s quite a thick consistency so it takes longer to dry than your usual nail polish but it’s worth it because it is beautiful. The pigment is amazing and it last quite well too, if your careful up to 6 days, even longer on false nails.

Avon Glow – Sunshine //
This is another nail polish that I have loved for years, and wore for 3 summers in a row, and it’s still perfectly usable. As the name suggests, it’s got more of a glowing tint to it compared to your usual yellow, it kind of seems bronzed, again perfect on tanned skin – it can seem to flush your skin out a bit if your pale like me, but as soon as the sun comes out, it looks perfect. It’s not too thick in consistency and again it lasts, not as long as your basic range, but 3 days and more if you’re careful.

Barry M Gelly – Papaya //
This is probably one of the latest colours to join my collection when I received it for Christmas and I knew straight away it would be perfect for spring.┬áIt’s a beautiful pastel type orange shade that does darken a little on application. It only needs two coats for you to get the full colour but it just doesn’t seem to last that long, but I plan to try out some other tops coats to get it to last a little bit better because it’s way to beautiful not too.

What are your favourite colours for Summer??

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  1. 06/24/2017 / 8:50 am

    I really like the blue and the yellow one. I love to put bright color on my nails in the summer time! xo

    • 06/25/2017 / 8:56 am

      They are gorgeous aren’t they! Makes you feel all summery doesn’t it! Xxx

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