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My obsession with body mists has grown dramatically over the past two years, to the point where I now own nearly 30, I am not ashamed though because I bloody love ’em. Last year I attempted to describe the scent of all the Hollister body mists that I own and you all absolutely loved it, so this year I thought I’d do the same for the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret ones

Love Spell // I’ve got to start with one of my absolute favourite’s haven’t I? This ones actually a brand new bottle because I went through the other like I don’t know what. I think the reason it’s probably my favourite is because of the really strong scent of cherries and peach that just work so well together, it’s really sweet, fruity and fun but also quite sultry. It’s just gorgeous.

Mango Temptation // My love for anything mango scented started quite a while ago now, I went on a bit off a spree to find anything that smelt like mango and I was over joyed when I realised that VS did (I don’t know if they sell it in their stores anymore) a mango specific range. There’s a hint of something else to it, to which I’ve found out is hibiscus, but the mango is definitely stronger and really sweet and just smells incredible.

Magnetic // This one is a little harder to get hold of, it’s not in their stores anymore & the sites it’s on may be a little dodgy, but if you can get your hands on it I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a complicated scent too, it’s very floral and pretty smelling but I couldn’t tell you what the main scent is at all.

Temptation // This scents a bit hard to place too, there’s definitely apple in there so it’s very fruity but it’s not that strong, it’s mixed with a floral type scent that kind of takes over the apple a bit but it smells amazing.

Passion Struck // This one is one of the most recent additions to my collection and as soon as I smelt it I knew I needed to have it, this is another fruity floral mix, it does say apple online but I can’t really smell that, it’s more berry like I think with a hint of florally vanilla which is definitely one of my favourite scents ever.

Amber Romance // I’ve had a bit of a love hate relationship with this scent, I think it’s definitely better for the colder months because it doesn’t seem as light and sunny but it’s perfectly sexy for summer evenings. A mix between Amber and something else creates a warmer scent than the others which makes it gorgeous in it’s own way.

Pure Seduction // Now on to my all time favourite, that I have now repurchased three times – it was the first I ever bought too, I will be heartbroken if VS ever stop selling it. It’s a really fruity scent, it seems very berry like but it’s a mixture of red plum and freesia and it is incredible. I’d also say it works perfectly for summer and for winter it’s just beautiful.

Such A Flirt // Another new addition to my collection that I’m becoming obsessed with. It’s a very hard scent to explain it’s quite different from the rest. I had to google to find out what’s in it, turns out it’s starfruit and white orchid which you can definitely smell. It’s a light pretty scent that’s perfect for summer.

Aqua Kiss // This has also been a favourite of mine for ages now, as soon as the sun started to appear I had to go and repurchase before I ran out. The best way to describe this scent is fresh, fresh and light and fun – a mix of freesia and daisy makes a gorgeous mist perfect for Spring and Summer.

What’s your favourite VS body mist?

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    • 07/03/2017 / 8:41 am

      You should! One of the best Iv tried and they all smell incredible! Xx

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