Summer Bucket List 2017

I’m pretty late with this post actually since Summer is in full swing, I actually wrote it a little while a go but never got round to sharing it. But, there’s still 2 whole months left of Summer and I am planning on fitting as much as I can in there. So, here’s 15 things that I’m planning on doing this Summer

1) Make fresh fruit drinks – I’ve been meaning to do this for about 3 month, I have the fruit and everything but never have the time!
2) Go to the beach – We’ve got a trip to the seaside planned very soon and I’m really looking forward to it
3) Visit the zoo – We’ve been planning for a few months for all the family to go to the zoo together and I really hope we get the chance because I’m very excited about it. (I think me and the kids are the only ones who actually want to go.. ) 
4) Create some autumnal designs for my (soon to be) Etsy Shop – I can’t say too much yet, plus I don’t want to make too many promises but this is one of the things that I am really looking forward to sharing with you all!
5) Read some Summer books – I only ever really read thrillers to be honest, and more often than not they are set when it’s pretty gloomy so I’m hoping to buy a few weather fitting books this year.
6) Play mini golf – The last time I played mini golf was when I was about nine so it’s over ten years now and I think it’s about time I have it another go.
7) Have a Picnic – Every single year I plan a picnic and it never bloody happens. This year it definitely is, even if it’s raining.
8) Spend the day at the park – I haven’t been to the park properly for months now, and I’m sure all my nephews would love a day out
9) Have as many family BBQs as possible – We’ve already had two, but I am hoping for a lot more.
10) Catch up on my scrapbook so I can take loads more photo’s – God, I’m like a year behind now and this is ridiculous. I honestly want to pay someone to catch up for me it’s such a dreaded job but I need to do it
11) Start painting again – I painted a few things last year, I even started painting my own pressed flowers book but I kinda’ just forgot about it so I need to finish that before all my flowers in the garden die..
12) Make fruit ice lollies – I did this a few years ago with friends and they turned out amazing so I need to do it again!
13) Visit a huge market – I honestly cannot find one anywhere, well, close enough to me anyway but we used to go to one every year and I absolutely loved it so I’m still on the hunt & I will find one!
14) Make homemade ice cream – I have never done this before, but I see so many people talking about it that I really want to try it
15) Go strawberry picking – I last did this with my grandma about 6 years ago & I still remember the whole day, I’d love to do it again

What’s on your Summer bucket list?
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  1. 07/22/2017 / 4:44 pm

    That’s an impressive bucket list! There are actually some things on that list that I would like to achieve myself. 🙂

  2. 07/22/2017 / 10:43 pm

    Loved this – what a great list! Also… Etsy shop?! Very excited!

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