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August To-Do List

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  • Siyana says:

    Ah your photo is just stunning! I also don’t really get Instagram, as I gain 4 new followers and then lose 5.. it’s so annoying. Nobody follows you because they want to, they just want you as a number argh.

  • Cleia says:

    I hear you on the Instagram troubles, I’ve become so skeptical when interacting with comments, especially when they seem really generic. I hate the follow-unfollowers!!! It’s so annoying! I don’t have nearly the following you do, I’m stuck at 145 lol but every time I get another couple followers I know I won’t have them in twenty minutes time 😕

    Good luck with your scrapbooking, that’s such a great idea to make something tangible with your photos! It’s gonna look great!

    I also would love to have a picnic basket!! I love the idea of the ones that come with a full cutlery and plate set, it just seems so fancy for summer picnics 😊

    • Jessica Jade says:

      It’s so stressful isn’t it! You think your getting somewhere and feel good that people want to follow you then you realise they don’t 😫 I haven’t been putting that much effort in though so I’m going to try a little harder 🤞🏻
      Thank you! Iv been doing it for years.m but I just got so behind recently but hopefully I’ll find the time to catch up & my printer will work haha!
      Omg aren’t they cute! Been wanting one forever!!
      Thank you for your comment ❤ xxx

  • Jenny says:

    Good luck with your August to-do list. I also want to get printing some more photos out. I’ve got an empty photo frame and several photos I’ve got around the house are really old now so I’d love some more up to date ones x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Nyobie says:

    I’ve been having the same issues with Instagram. If it wasn’t for the beauty community, I would’ve given up a long time ago. I do it now because I love the interacting but I have concentrated more on my blog lately because I feel there’s less games being played.

    I hope you achieve all your goals.

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