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Finally Avon have release a liquid lipstick! I honestly feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this and you should have seen me when I found out. If you’re here often, you will know that the Avon Matte Range is by far one of my favourite matte lipsticks ever (there’s a whole post here on the originals and there’s another here on all their new blush shades). I cannot fault them in anyway, the packaging is beautiful, the colours in the range are so perfect and the formula is the best I’ve ever tried. So you’re probably starting to understand my excitement a little bit, now times that by 10.

They’ve definitely stuck to the gorgeous packaging with the new range, even though it’s quite plain and simple, I think it looks great. It’s quite a small bottle, but it’s thick so it does hold 7 ml, which isn’t bad at all, don’t quote me on it but I think that might be more than NYX’s liquid lipsticks even though it doesn’t look it at all. It’s in a clear bottle so you can easily see the colours but that also means you can see the horrible gather up around the top which I really don’t appreciate but anyway. The lid’s quite matte, but not like their lipsticks, not that sort of matte that finger prints mark and never come off, so that’s a plus. The applicators really nice too, it’s the perfect size and holds a real good amount of product, you don’t have to put it back in to get more so you won’t be pushing air into the bottle and drying it all up.

The colour that I’ve got (I’ve already ordered a nude and I cannot wait to show you it’s so beautiful) is Pinking About You, a stunning baby pink shade that’s got a bit of body to it so it’s not ‘barbie looking’. It’s a bit nude too, you can’t really tell but it just has a tiny hint to it that stops it being a full on pink. At first, when I saw it in the brochure, I definitely thought it was going to be quite a wash out colour but it’s darker looking in person. It’s easy to wear too because even though it’s really light it works so well with everything. It’s beautiful.

Now on to the best bit, the formula. Just like the Matte range, it completely blew me away, I expected it to be more drying than the simple matte lipstick since it is liquid but not at all, it’s a completely different formula to your usual liquid lipstick. Normally a liquid lipstick dries up after you’ve applied it and you have to be a bit cautious with it or it’ll start to crack and come away, especially if you’ve got quite bad lips so I expected this to be pretty much the same but it doesn’t even fully dry. I really like that though, you can tell it’s different from your usual lipstick, it feels quite like the NYX creme’s I think and the Younique Liquid Lipsticks if you’ve tried them, it’s nice and comfortable to wear and really easy to top up when it does start to fade because it just blends back together.

I’ve been testing it out massively over the last 2 week to make sure that my first impressions actually lasted and fortunately they did. I’m even more obsessed with it than I was when I first saw it. It lasts really well, you have to top it up but it’s as easy as topping up any lipstick and it sits on the lips perfectly. I’ve mentioned a few times my lips are always a bit dry and most lipsticks can be a bit fussy with me but not this one, even if it’s matte. It’s gathered round my cracks when they’ve been at their worst but not bad at all, I could definitely get away with it and I’ve had quite a few people asking me what I’ve got on because they love the colour. I do have one little thing that does bug me about it though and that’s the smell, sometimes it’s enough to completely put me off a lipstick but it’s a pleasant smell so I cope. It smells very berry like, not sure what but I know it’s like a sweet (If you’ve smelt it before, please let me know what it is because it’s driving me mad).

If you’ve tried the Avon Matte range and love it, you will definitely be as obsessed with this new range as I am. It will be with you all in the next campaign so keep your eyes peeled & you can try samples first too!

What do you think to the new Avon Mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer?

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  1. 08/18/2017 / 6:09 pm

    I never thought of trying Avon’s Mark line especially since I am hooked on their True Color line in the lipsticks, and especially their eyeliner. Think I will have to try it especially since that pink color matches my nail polish!

    • 08/20/2017 / 12:35 pm

      Haha yes you must! The things I’ve tried so far have been amazing! Xx

    • 08/20/2017 / 12:36 pm

      Isn’t it gorgeous! I’m in love with it!!

  2. 08/19/2017 / 4:38 am

    That is such a gorgeous shade! xx

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