L’Oreal Infallible Matte Lip Paint | New Nudist Shade – Off White

So, as well as breaking my spending ban on the Paradise Extatic mascara, I also spoiled myself to one of the new shades from L’Oreals Matte Lip Paint range, again, it’s not my fault they have 3 for 2 on and I couldn’t say no. Plus, I can treat myself every now and then.. Anyway, L’Oreal have released the nudist collection, which consists of 5 new nude colours, I got the lightest shade available which is Off White, I don’t particularly like the name, it doesn’t exactly describe the colour at all but oh well. It’s a gorgeous orange/pink toned nude, very light in colour, I would say it’s probably too light for some, but it’s what I usually got for with nudes. Dead Lips is pretty close in colour if you’re wanting something just a little bit darker though and I’d say the other 3 are perfect for everyone.

The packaging is the same as the rest of the Lip Paint range, squeezy tube with a twist lid applicator, same as the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks. The tube shows the colour of the lipstick which makes life a little bit easier and the applicator is the perfect size. It holds a hell of a lot of product though, even after the stopper has removed some, so I have been having to wipe excess off around the top of the tube, which drives me a little bit mad.

I swatched it first in the shop and I knew instantly that I needed that colour, it sounds as though it’s going to be very concealer lip but it’s not at all, there’s quite a strong orange tone to it as well as a little bit of pink, it’s definitely not completely skin tone but I was a little worried that it might wash me out, but it didn’t at all, and a little bit of lip liner helps too, if you are wanting to go for the lightest shade but feeling a bit worried.

The formula and consistency of the liquid lipstick is quite different, rather than it completely drying, it stays quite lipstick like, so a sort of semi matte, although the colour is completely matte. it’s a mousse kind of feeling, very creamy at first and it settles down quite comfortably. It’s easy to wear, doesn’t smudge and it’s kiss proof. It stays where you put it even though it’s not completely dry so it lasts quite well but it’s not the most long lasting liquid lipstick I’ve tried, it is the most comfortable though. A top up is sometimes needed if you’ve had it on for a while or you’ve eaten. It doesn’t really clump or go cakey, but if you apply to much it will.

It’s definitely become one of my favourite liquid lipsticks, it’s so much comfier to wear than most and it’s so much easier to top up and take off too and of course it’s by far my favourite colour out of all the liquid lipsticks I own. If you’re addicted to nude lipsticks as much as I am, I definitely suggest treating yourself to one of these gorgeous new Lip Paints.

What do you think to the new L’Oreal Matte Lip Paint shades?

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  1. 08/28/2017 / 6:14 pm

    I’ve been so curious about these! That looks like it’s a pretty color!

    • 08/29/2017 / 10:52 am

      It’s beautiful & the other shades in the range are just as beautiful 😍

    • 08/29/2017 / 10:52 am

      It is the most perfect nude 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 xxx

  2. 08/29/2017 / 1:18 am

    Your photos are always so beautiful 😍

  3. 08/29/2017 / 8:43 pm

    I saw these in store and was immediately intrigued! I tried to pick a good color for my skin tone but couldn’t find one that was flattering on me =/ I’m glad that you found a shade that worked for you!

    • 08/30/2017 / 3:55 pm

      Aw no that’s such a shame! Did they have the new releases? There was some beautiful pink toned nudes. Hopefully they’ll bring some more it because the quality is amazing! Xx

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