The Blogger Edit // September

I thought I’d do it a bit different this month & share some of the bloggers that I’ve more recently discovered. I spent some time last month on the hunt for new bloggers to follow and let me tell you I have found loads, so if you love these monthly posts, do not worry, there’ll be quite a few to come.

Hollie In Wanderlust // I was purposely searching for book bloggers (I really shouldn’t have done that, my wishlist has grown quite a lot) when I came across Hollies blog, but she doesn’t only blog about books, she also blogs about travel. I’ve never really wanted to travel myself, well not that much anyway, but I adore reading about other peoples travels and seeing all the gorgeous photos. I absolutely loved going through Hollies blog and reading all her different posts, she writes a bit about beauty & lifestyle too, and she probably knows how much I enjoyed it with the amount of comments she received haha. If you want a bit of everything, and absolutely love travel blogs, I’d definitely recommend reading hollies blog.

Kasie Beauty // I came across Kasie’s blog completely by accident when I was looking at the newish So..? body mists and I absolutely loved the way she wrote the post so I had a quite look through her blog and I became obsessed. If you are looking for some amazing beauty reviews, Kasie’s blog is where you need to be. She is amazing at photography, like her photo’s are unbelievable and her reviews are so perfect. My beauty wishlist has also grown quite a lot. So has my idea for a beauty room.. I came across Kasie’s beauty room tour and I was in pure amazement, I am very jealous though, she has the best beauty room a girl could wish for.

City Girl Searching // I found Roxy’s blog when I was searching through Pinterest DIYS and spotted the DIY Animal Fridge Magnets that looked amazing and I immediately had to have a look through what else she did. I was very happy to find that she shares quite a lot and they all look amazing, I’ve go quite a big list of all the ones that I want to do now. I had a search through her blog too, to see what she writes about and she writes about everything. She shares everything in her life, there’s loads of pregnancy tips, loads of blogging tips and loads of fun lifestyle posts, I was even more amazed when I had a read of her about page and saw the most beautiful wedding photo’s (I am very jealous). She’s a boss lady and you need to check out her blog.

Lisa Autumn // I also found Lisa’s blog through Pinterest when I pinned one of her gorgeous flat lay photo’s and just had to see what the post was about, as soon as her blog opened I knew I’d love it. Her style is gorgeous, her photography is goals and her writing is so addictive. I read one post and just had to read another one. Lisa writes about lifestyle, fashion and beauty, she does it all, she even shares some amazing recipes, and one of her more recents ones, the best chocolate cookies you will ever havegot me drooling so I of course, adding the ingredients to my shopping list and I cannot wait to try them. If you don’t already follow Lisa, you need to.

Forever September // I came across Lucy’s blog just the other day when I was having a nosey through the comments on someones blog post, & I’ve already read quite a lot of her posts. Lucy writes amazingly, she seems very down to earth and real, you can relate to a lot she’s talking about and it really helps to feel you know the blogger behind the blog. Lucy writes about everything, if you’re a beauty lover, she’s definitely got you covered, but she also writes about fashion and lifestyle. She even shares some great blogging/social media tips. Make sure you take a look at Lucy’s blog!

Share some of the bloggers you have recently discovered with me!

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  1. 09/07/2017 / 2:54 am

    I love this idea, it gives out alllll of the love!

    Tash xx //

  2. 09/07/2017 / 3:28 am

    I love blogger spotlight posts like this! They have really beautiful blogs. Thanks for directing us to that delicious chocolate cookies recipe: Lisa’s got a new fan now! Lol

    • 09/07/2017 / 10:16 am

      Me too! Absolutely love finding new blogs & supporting other blogs, these are one of my favourite posts to write! Haha your welcome 😉 xx

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