October To Do List

Well, last month did not really go to plan, the only thing I got done was creating my media kit and I’ve realised that I am useless – I already know I am soo busy this month so I’m not going to plan anything that I know I won’t be able to get done. I am hoping that I will finally be able to go on the Harry Potter tour since I didn’t get chance last month but there’s just too many things going off, still got my fingers crossed though. Anyway, here’s a few things that I’ve got planned for October.

Do some Autumn shopping
This is probably the most exciting thing for me this month. As you probably know, I’m on a spending ban, so I haven’t been treating myself very much which is hard for me, I am a shopaholic. But, I need to get myself some new cosy jumpers, some new boots and a few new scarves, well I’m telling myself I need to. I love shopping online, it’s a lot easier, but I find actually going out shopping is a lot more fun and I’ll definitely be making a day of it.

Read The Vampire Diaries Series
I watched The Vampire Diaries from the very first episode, it’s always been my guilty pleasure and when it finished a while ago I was heart broken, especially at the ending, it was on it’s last legs I suppose, but still didn’t want it to end. Anyway I’ve been telling myself since then to read the books, that I’ve owned for years, but I never have – one of the reasons being that the books are soo different to the series, but I read an amazing book last month that gave me quite the book hangover, so when I picked up my next thriller, I couldn’t get into it at all and decided to read something different. Realising that it’s now October, I couldn’t think of anything better to read than TVD. So far I’m into my second book, and even though it’s hard to get used to the difference, I’m really enjoying them so I plan to hopefully get the whole series read this month.

Start a new TV series
I am definitely planning on spending a lot of  nights in snuggled up watching all the TV I can this month, especially nearer the end when it starts to get dark really early but I need something to watch! We’re currently watching Game Of Thrones from the very beginning – side note I’m not even enjoying it that much, I literally dislike every character – but we’ve very nearly finished it, so we’ll need something new to watch and I would love your recommendations!

Have a skin care clear out
I only realised the other day that I own way too much skin care and quite a lot of things have probably gone out of date so I really need to get that sorted this month before I end up using something off – I also have a lot of things that I bought to try out and completely forget I’d got them, so testing some new skincare is on the cards too.

Celebrate Halloween
We normally do a little something every year and I always look forward to it – there’s 4 kids in the family, so it makes it a lot more fun. We’ll be taking them out for some trick or treating and then having a little Halloween get together. All the family comes round, we get the board games out, stick Hocus Pocus on and have a cosy night in and I cannot wait

Let me know what you’ve got planned for October

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