The Blogger Edit // October

Zita Jane // I found Zita’s blog just the other week when I was searching for reviews of the Keihl’s Midnight Recovery and I came across her 3 Skincare Saviours Post, I loved the way she wrote that post that much that I immediately stopped searching for other reviews and started reading her blog. Zita writes about beauty, fashion & travel, and she’s even shared a couple wedding planning posts that were absolutely amazing to read so I’m really looking forward to seeing more. You all need to have a nosey at Zita’s blog, especially if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration in the fashion areas because her posts, and photo’s are stunning.

Merry Musing // I was hooked the moment I stumbled on Stephanie’s blog, literally hooked, I actually couldn’t stop reading. Her writing style is so easy to read and every time you finish a post you want to read another one. And as you all should know by now, makeup/beauty posts are some of my favourite to read, so the fact that Stephanie regularly posts about beauty makes me love her blog even more. But she doesn’t just write about beauty either, I’ve also really enjoyed reading her fashion posts and her lifestyle posts too.

Gemma Hughes // I came across Gemma’s blog a little while ago when I was preparing my Useful Blog Posts post and I was amazed at the amount of amazing blogging/social media posts that she’d written that I just had to read them all – Gemma has shared so many amazing tips that have really helped and inspired me and I just had to include her in this post so that she can help and inspire you all too! Gemma also has a few lifestyle posts that are worth a read too!

A Little Grey // Rachel’s blog is one that I’ve read for a little while now and every time I see that she’s shared a new post I get just a little bit excited. There’s something about the way that Rachel writes that makes her seem very real, and every post is so relatable, which of course makes me enjoy reading her blog so much. Rachel writes about whatever is on her mind so you never know what to expect, she covers all aspects of everything, she shares her real life experiences and tips on mental health and she quite often writes about music, which is something we don’t often see being in the bulk of the beauty community but it is a very welcome change. I’ve just loved reading Rachel’s blog and I am sure you all will too.

The Makeup Feed // I first found The Makeup Feed on Instagram ages ago and absolutely fell in love with her feed, her photo’s are beautiful- so of course I ended up on her blog, which is equally as beautiful. As the name suggests, The Makeup Feed is filled to the brim with beauty and it’s bloody amazing, but you will also find a lot of the ‘blogging’ feed posts too which I for one have found very useful and I’m sure you all will too!

I hope you love these blogs as much as I do!
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