What I’ve Been Reading // September

I did a lot better than I thought I would have this month, last month I only got through 3 books so being even more busy this month, and watching Game Of Thrones every night, I did not think I’d manage to read two let alone four. Again, they’re all thrillers (surprised? nah me either), but I just can’t seem to get into anything else at the moment. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on about me, here’s the four books that I read in October. Oh and apologies for rambling on a lot in this post but I just had a lot to say.

Last Seen Alive // ★★★★
It’s a bit hard to explain how I feel about this book, I mean, I really liked it, infact I loved the story, but the first half of the book drove me mental. It wasn’t because it was slow or anything like that, it was full of suspense from the first page, it was the characters. I think it’s more personal if anything, but the main characters newish husband is a pain in the arse, and her was getting on my nerves a lot. That was probably the only downfall to this book, the story line was great because it wasn’t like anything I’d read before, it was fast paced, to an extent and the twist was really unexpected, especially when I thought I’d already worked it out. I definitely couldn’t have guessed where it was going to go. Once you know the twist, you look at the book completely different and everything about it changes, and I’ve never really had that with a book before so it definitely made it amazing, but I really didn’t like the end, from the reviews I’ve read, it’s all about how you feel about the book that determines the way you want it to end which made it really interesting too. Without spoiling anything, the story is about Libby and her husband Jamie, who have been having a bit of rough time, so they decided to do a house swap after a leaflet is posting through their door, so they can have a getaway – but it’s not as simple as that and Libby’s past catches up with her, quite literally.  Compared to Claire’s last book local girl missing, this was amazing.

The Escape // ★★★★
The Escape was kind of the same as Last Seen Alive (not the story – the story is about a a mother, who will do anything to protect her daughter) it was same in terms of the annoying husband though, but this one was much, much worse, he drove me absolutely insane all the way through the book and because of that it made the story quite predictable, but it didn’t ruin the book as a whole though. Even though the twist was expected, the story still kept me hooked and I still needed to read until the end, the suspense is still there and you still feel at the edge of your seat for quite a few bits. It’s heartbreaking too, there’s a lot of moments where you want to scream because you know what’s happening and you really want to help, I got to a point where I wanted to check how it ended to make sure everything turned out okay (I didn’t though, willpower). I’m not sure whether it was meant to be like that, if C. L. Taylor wrote it to feel like that, but if she did, she did a very good job of it and I still really enjoyed it.

The Missing // ★★★★★
As soon as I finished The Escape I knew I had to read The Missing, it’d been on my shelf for months and I’d just forgotten all about it, I’m very glad I finally picked it up though because it was a pretty good book. The story follows Claire, mainly, the mother of 15 year old Billy who has been missing for 6 months after disappearing one night. It takes you through all the heartbreak, all the worries and stress, and what it can do to your mind. As soon as I read the first Whatsapp messages I was hooked. It plays with you mind and makes you think of so many different scenarios, there’s enough characters to keep the story interesting but not too much that you loose track. The secrets that come out are actually shocking, I had to stop and think for a minute when the big secret was revealed it was that unexpected, and it didn’t end how I thought it would at all – not predictable in the slightest, completely gripping and very addictive.

The Angel // ★★★★★
I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book forever. I read Katerina’s other books a while ago and I absolutely loved them, they are the first books that I recommend to anyone. So of course I pre-ordered the Angel and started reading it the first day it was released. The Angel is the 3rd book in the DS Imogen Grey series so it does follow the back story of Imogen and her partner Adrian, so if you are wanting to read it, I would recommend reading The Teacher and The Secret first – The Angel is a bit hard to explain, because there is a few different stories going on that all link together. There’s Gabriel’s story, out with his girlfriend and a few others one night and the next day there’s a burnt body found in the unused signal box they were in, there’s Adrian’s story with the journalist Lucy, Deans story about his past and the story of the couple found brutally murdered, but that’s as much as I’ll tell you. From page one, I was hooked, If I didn’t have to put it down, I know I wouldn’t have been able to, the third time I picked it up, there was no stopping me turning them pages. It was completely full of suspense, every chapter left you sat on the edge of your seat. Nothing seems to make sense at the beginning, there’s no links to any of the stories going on at all, but the way they all fit together and the little twists that come in just made it perfect. I could go on about it forever honestly, but just go and read the Imogen Grey series, you will not regret it.

Let me know what you read last month!
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  1. 10/13/2017 / 5:37 am

    That last book looks really interesting! I’ll have to look up the first book!

    • 10/13/2017 / 12:55 pm

      Definitely do, they are a seriously good series! & She’s bringing more out in the series too! Xx

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