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What I’ve Been Reading // October VD Series

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  • Vanessa says:

    I feel so stupid, I had no idea TVD was based on book series. There is nothing else I like more than a book series i get so committed to the story that I get really sad when I read the last book. Thanks for sharing!

    Vanessa x |

    • Jessica Jade says:

      Well it’s supposed to be based on it but it’s nothing like it at all! I hated it at first, kind of getting used to it now, the only character that’s the same is Matt! 😯 very hard to get used to it!
      Same, I usually avoid series’ because I get so attached! Thank you for reading! xxxx

  • I read these before I watched the show. And since the first episode I realized they were completely separate stories. I loved the books and enjoy the other books from LJ Smith. So it’s a bummer you didn’t enjoy them. There are a lot of inconsistency’s which isn’t the best thing in the world.
    There was definitely a lot left for the imagination. The Malach I imagined a cross between a jelly fish and the creatures from the host. If that helps.
    I love the honesty in this review!!!


    • Jessica Jade says:

      I think if I’d read them before I watched it I would have enjoyed them so much more tbh, but I loved the show that much that I just couldn’t accept how different it is, but I am getting used to it now, and I’m on the 6th book now and really liking it tbh. They’re so different from what I usually read too so it’s a bit of a shock haha, they definitely aren’t the worst thing Iv read though & I can’t stop reading so that means something 😂 & yeah that’s really frustrating, I keep getting lost a lot, like sentences don’t seem finished and so on but oh well 😂 yeah I think that’s how I’m seeing it too now! Thank you!
      & thank you so much for you lovely comment hun! Xxx

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