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Every month I share what I’ve been reading, but I never share what I’ve been watching, and I watch a lot of TV, plus, the dark nights are in now, so that gives me even more of an excuse to be snuggled up binge watching TV. I also have a lot of feelings about what I’ve been watching lately and could do with a good ol’ rant, so who’s better to rant to the you lot? So, without further ado, because guess what, I’ve been rambling again, here’s what I’ve been watching lately.

The Walking Dead
Let’s start with The Walking Dead shall we? There’s going to be spoilers, so if you’re not caught up to season 8 yet, just skip this one. Firstly, I used to love walking dead, I literally lived for Monday nights and I wished the months away when it wasn’t on, but not any more because I am one of those people that believe the walking dead is real (don’t take me literally on that) and I am very emotional about what happened in season 7, even if it wasn’t Glenn (who I adored) I would still be very, very upset, but it was Glenn who died, and he died in a horrific way by a man that I now need to see die and because he hasn’t yet I am just not enjoying it anymore. Literally every episode I’ve watched I’ve hidden behind a pillow just in case something else happens that I don’t like, plus the latest episodes just haven’t been that good tbh and without spoiling this season, another awful thing happened which has put me off it even more. But, I am still watching even though it very much sounds like I can’t stand it, I still love it. It’s like a guilty pleasure, a show that I now love to hate.

Game Of Thrones
I have finally watched Game Of Thrones!! It’s taken me a very long time to finally decide to watch it, and for the first few series’ I was like an old lady, like ‘oh no definitely don’t want to be watching this’ and then it gripped me and I couldn’t stop watching. And even though I was warned plenty of times not to get attached to anyone, and that it’s not real, I am an idiot and just like The Walking Dead, I hid behind my pillow a lot because I couldn’t deal with people dying. I mean, can someone just bring out a nice series where I don’t have to be scared someones going to die all the time? Anyway, I have a very strong love/hate relationship with GOT, because I’ll be really enjoying it, seeing all the bad guys getting what they deserve and then someone always comes in to ruin it, cough cough Cersie, and now that I am caught up and I am stressing out because I cannot wait for the next series, especially how that one ended, to be honest I’m really sad about it, I was very much shipping Jon and Daenerys, it is going to drive me crazy having to wait so long.

Criminal Minds
I have adored Criminal Minds for as long as I can remember, it’s always been up there with my absolute favourite shows but the last series was a right flop so I wasn’t even looking forward to this series, but I am very happy to say, three episodes in I have falling back in love with it. Spoiler – the story line of Mr Scratch went on far too long so every episode became very repetitive but that’s alright now because in the first episode of the new series, Mr Scratch died! So that means, different episodes every week and a new back story! I’m not loving the character changes, I really wish Hotch and Morgan would just come back but there we go, still really enjoying it though and looking forward to it every week.

Fear The Walking Dead
I got way behind with Fear The Walking Dead so we binged watched the whole of the last series last week and I loved it, I think I enjoyed it the most out of everything I’ve been watching because it wasn’t half as stressful and it was completely manic. One of the things I don’t like about The Walking Dead is the slow episodes, there’s always a couple in a series that just drag but with this last season of Fear The Walking Dead there wasn’t any that bothered me and I enjoyed every episode. I love where the stories going and I cannot wait for FTWD and TWD to meet up next year, I have no idea what to expect but it’s going to be good!

Let me know what you’ve been watching lately & share some recommendations with me, I need something new to watch, preferably not as stressful as this lot, thanks xx
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