December To-Do List

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to write this post, it is officially December which means only one thing – It’s Christmas! Oh and you can open your first door on your advent calendar, can’t forget the chocolate can I? I’m one of those people that saves all the Christmassy stuff until December, so basically, there’s hardly anything Christmas in my house until the 1st of December hits, and then suddenly it’s like Santa’s grotto. The Christmas music is always on repeat, there’s always a Christmas film on in the background and of course the decorations are making their way out of the cupboard. I’ve got a lot to do this month though so I best get on with my to-do list.

Decorate the house
My favourite thing ever to do is decorate the house with all the Christmas decorations but I have a lot. It actually takes a couple of days to put all my decorations up but that just makes it more fun for me tbh. I go all out for Christmas, we have a tree in nearly every room, although, we do only have one huge tree and the rest are quite a bit smaller, we still have 5 trees to decorate and we have so many trinkets and tinsel that I just put everywhere. We even have ceiling snowflakes! As this post goes up I’m probably absolutely covered in glitter and tinsel and you know what, I couldn’t be happier.

Finish the Christmas shopping
I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, but buying for my mum and my partner has become impossible. Over the years I have bought them everything you could think of and I literally have nothing left to buy them but I absolutely spoil everyone at Christmas so I really need to get a move on and start finding some special presents. I also need to wrap every single one, which is going to take a very long time.

Find a new bullet journal
I am seriously struggling to find a new bullet journal and it’s starting to stress me out so bad. I’ve been looking for ages too. The reason that I can’t find one is because I’m being so tight, I don’t want to spend a lot on a new one because I always get fed up, when I do something wrong, I’m one of those people that instantly wants to start over in a new one, and I obviously can’t afford to be forking out every few months for a new one so I need help finding a cheaper option, where it doesn’t matter too much if I decide to start again, like I did like 3 times this year ..

Bake gingerbread men
Baking gingerbread men has become a bit of a tradition in my house now, every Christmas eve, once we’ve settled down, we bake and decorate gingerbread men for Christmas day and then when all the family come round we all pig out on as many gingerbread men as we can while playing all the fun board games. I’m hoping to make a small batch soon as well though because my mouths watering just thinking about it.

Schedule all the posts
Like I mentioned in my last to do list, I’m hoping to have a bit of a break over Christmas while my partners off work so I’m hoping to get some more blog posts scheduled, I wish I could schedule for the whole month, I don’t know how people do it, I always end up having to go back and edit my posts when I do that, or I have loads that need doing just before. I also can’t decide whether to have a weeks break between Christmas and New Year, I’ve never had a break so I don’t know if I can. Still fingers crossed that I get enough posts scheduled!

What have you got planned for December?
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  1. 12/02/2017 / 8:15 pm

    Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, and I love all the related blog and YouTube content about. Monthly to-do lists are some of my fav posts to read too, I hope you achieve your goals in December. I really want to get on with my festive decorating. I actually made gingerbread men today, it was so fun, and of course I’ll be making a post on it soon! Sending festive cheer your way. 🙂 Xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • 12/04/2017 / 11:06 am

      Isn’t it, I hate it when it’s over. I love reading all the Blogmas posts and watching all the festive stuff, get’s me very excited haha!
      Thank you, and I hope you do too hun! Oh I cannot wait to see it! Are you sharing a recipe? I’ll definitely be using it if you are!
      Sending festive cheer right back! xxx

  2. 12/12/2017 / 2:36 pm

    I can’t believe we are nearly half way through December!

    You have some amazing to do’s this month!

    Jacqui xxx

    • 12/12/2017 / 5:00 pm

      Oh my god, tell me about it!
      Thanks hun xxxx

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