Beauty Bloggers Corner

In April 2016, I connected with Sukanya a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger at Styles & Sensibilities to do a collaboration. We didn’t want to do any normal collaboration though, we wanted to do something for this amazing community that we both love. We decided to create something that bloggers from all over the world can use to share, connect and collaborate. So by May, Beauty Bloggers Corner was created. 

Beauty Bloggers Corner is a Facebook group run by myself and Sukanya, where you can share your blog, posts & social medias as well as chat with fellow bloggers, ask for advice, learn a few things and just have fun. We share posts daily, which can be all sorts. We include blog shares, all so
cial medias, all types of post shares and now and again a chatty post where we can all just get to know eachother. We create threads for tips, advice, questions & more. You name, we do it. 

As well as all that, there is Instagram groups which you can learn more about here. There’s a Twitter Retweet Account where I will personally retweet all your lovely posts and we also have a Pinterest Group Board with almost 150 followers.

We have created a pinned post here that includes everything that is going on in the group, all you have to do is simply click each link, take a read of the post and join in. We have separated each type of post to make it even easier for you to share anything you want. We also encourage you to share your post directly into the group, as long as you don’t spam and let everyone get a chance to share.

We believe our group works so well because we all connect with each other on a daily basis, whether that be chatting about your favourite foundation or making sure to all follow each other when we share a social media. We, as Beauty Bloggers Corner members support each other in every way that we can, so why don’t you come and be part of that too? Even though it is called Beauty Bloggers Corner, it’s not strictly for beauty bloggers. If you’re a blogger you are more than welcome to join, no matter what your blog is based on. In fact, we encourage you to join, and I cannot wait to get to know you better.

So, if this sounds like the place for you, click here & come and join in, and don’t forget to say hello!